A message from Nina Lancin, Founder / Director

As the founder & director of The Concept Salon, I would like to thank you for welcoming us to the community! For those of you who enjoyed coming to Valina Salon & Day Spa, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again; The Concept would not be here without your feedback, support and loyalty!

Below is my story on opening The Concept

On Receiving the Best Salon in Monmouth County Honors

One of the most humbling moments for me in my life was receiving the news that Valina was voted Best Salon in Monmouth County by readers of Monmouth Health and Life. I established Valina just 2 years prior with the goal of filling a void that I felt our community lacked. Being a resident of Marlboro for over a decade, I was consistently disappointed with the beauty establishments in the area. There were and are some very impressive Salon and Spa businesses in the area. What I discovered, however, was that the more upscale the establishment appeared the more pompous the business acted to their customers.

For years I dreamed of our community having a place of our own where we had the opportunity to receive world-class beauty services while being pampered the way that loyal customers deserve!

The concept behind The Concept

Winning multiple awards with Valina over the years (2014 , 2013, 2012) I felt I achieved what I originally set out to with Valina. During the course of Valina’s run, however, I began to identify a new demand in consumer needs. Our guests couldn’t get enough of our unparalleled customer service, but they now wanted it with a side of convenience, luxury, and affordability. Blowout bars are, admittedly, a new trend in this industry. But I see it as a trend that does, in fact, fit a need that my guests wanted. I wanted to provide our community with what New York, Los Angeles, Boston, etc were providing their communities–convenient, fast, and high quality results, all the while being pampered the way our guests deserve. During the years at Valina, my “concept” of creating something that could meet these consumer requirements was constantly at the back of my mind.

I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to provide my customers what they have been asking for!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the background of The Concept.

I am so thrilled to say:

Welcome to The Concept, we look forward to pampering you for many years to come!